The Global Hockey Series has been designed to give our youth players an elite arena of competitive play for teams worldwide, making it a prime destination for those seeking hockey showcase tournaments. GHS is open to all teams starting at the mite level through midget and we offer divisions at the A, AA, Tier 2 AAA, and AAA levels, catering to a wide range of talents from top college hockey recruits 2024 to participants in youth hockey tournaments and high school hockey tournament 2024.

We aspire to make a positive impact with youth players/goalies, teams, and parents. Our destinations allow families to treat our events as family trips, combining the competitive spirit of college and Big Ten hockey tournaments with the joy of travel. Our partners provide cost-competitive activities for all, and our event itself provides an experience you’ve yet to see, rivalling the excitement of hockey tournaments near me and hockey tournaments this weekend. Our presenters and speakers take the time to educate players/goalies on development points outside the ice rink (mental toughness, physical therapy, personal care, training regime, and sports physiology), offering insights as valuable as those found in hockey combines and North American showcases. We are truly honoured and thrilled to have you a part of the Global Hockey Series. From the experience to the destination, we have you covered, ensuring a memorable journey akin to participating in ice hockey showcases and college showcases.

Global Hockey Series allows all teams to participate in our events year-round, eliminating the sanctioning organizations and allowing teams from all organizations to participate against new teams, fostering a spirit of inclusivity seen in USA hockey tournaments and independent classic hockey tournaments. We provide private insurance through our carrier that ensures our coverage meets and exceeds in some areas, compared to others, ensuring peace of mind for participants in adult hockey tournaments. There are no politics involved, no favouritism or flawed competition with GHS, making it a beacon of fair play and sportsmanship in the world of hockey showcases and college hockey near you.

Experience Your Destination with GHS” – a motto that gains our commitment to providing a unique and enriching experience for all participants, mirroring the excitement and learning opportunities of the show hockey and best hockey exposure camps, ensuring that every moment spent with GHS is not just about competition, but about growth, discovery, and the joy of hockey.

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GHS changes the hockey world landscape of “typical tournaments/cookie cutter tournaments” and allows youth hockey teams to play and compete without complicated restrictions ANYWHERE. Our team matches teams to their skill set, to ensure competitive games, making our tournaments a beacon for those seeking hockey showcase opportunities and showcase hockey tournaments. Our tournaments are non-sanctioned all year long, which allows all USA hockey, AAU, and tournament teams to enter all year, offering a platform as inclusive and diverse as the Big Ten hockey tournament and college hockey tournament.

Here at GHS, we think out of the box and for the players and coaches! What do the players and coaches want? What will give the teams and players the best experience? We have all those questions answered, here’s why GHS is different, setting a standard as high as the North American showcase and combining hockey events.

Experience the difference with GHS!

  • Lower registration fees: Understanding that hockey is an expensive sport, GHS ensures you don’t need to pay thousands to experience a quality showcase weekend, making participation as accessible as local hockey tournaments near you and youth hockey tournaments.
  • Focus on players: Ensuring players’ experiences are nothing short of AMAZING, similar to the excitement of participating in hockey showcase tournaments and hockey tournaments this weekend.
  • Games schedule: Running 3-6 games over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for each team to accommodate families, offering flexibility seen in college hockey camps and college showcases.
  • Online-only apparel: Showcase apparel is available for purchase up to 14 days in advance of the selected showcase, avoiding onsite sales to ensure a hassle-free experience similar to ice hockey showcase and college hockey near me.
  • New teams for every showcase: Providing new teams from all around the nation for every showcase ensures you won’t ever play the same team again, introducing variety and challenge on par with the high school hockey tournament 2024 and the independent classic hockey tournament.
  • Welcoming gifts and championship hardware: Providing all players & coaches with GHS welcoming gifts and high-quality championship hardware, celebrating achievements as grandly as US hockey tournaments and Big Ten men’s hockey tournaments.
  • Destination spots for family trips: Offering destination spots for family trips and activity packages, assisting and offering family packages as well, making each event a family adventure similar to hockey opportunities for all and best youth hockey tournaments.
  • Gameplay rules: Playing tag up offsites, no ice on the penalty kill, and allowing correct body usage at the lower birth years, fostering a safe and encouraging environment for growth and learning, much like hockey combines and ranking junior hockey leagues.
  • Much more: Ensuring that every aspect of GHS is designed to boost the hockey experience, making it a premier choice for those dedicated to the sport, from International Showcases to USA/Canada showcase lovers to participants in youth hockey tournaments. GHS is where passion for hockey meets the best opportunity and enjoyment.


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Looking to join a tournament team and cut the cost in half with teammates from around the world?

We have opened up selected Global Hockey Series tournaments for individual player and goalie entries. We have come to understand the overwhelming amount of spring/summer and fall teams, and know joining a team of united and passionate teammates is an experience in itself.

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Frequently Asked Question's

Everyone is welcome, USA hockey teams, AAU teams, EU Teams, Hockey Canada, and independent teams. We have the flexibility allow all teams through our insurance carrier. All tournaments are sanctioned through a sanctioning organization (i.e. USA Hockey) however that is strictly for the purpose of insurance. Our insurance covers all and meets, and exceeds in some areas, that of other sanctioning bodies. Teams have positively communicated their excitement for this by eliminating the barriers to allow different teams to play, especially during fall seasons.

Not all events are stay to play, but most are. There are some expectations to this rule. If your team is traveling to the event and live within a 50-mile radius you are exempt of the hotel restrictions. If your team is out of the 50-mile radius you must book hotels for the tournament through our hotel partner, Team Travel Source.

All teams are required to present a copy of their official roster that is issued by their respective sanctioning body, either USA Hockey, AAU, Hockey Canada, or independent. We require that all team managers upload their team roster to our registration platform and all waivers to be signed by coaches and players, allowing our team to perform due diligence, if needed, on teams.

We offer A, AA, Tier 2 AAA, and AAA levels for most showcases. These levels can be difference varying on our event location and teams signed up. We recommend continuing to check our website for updated information or contact us directly.

Schedules are generally released and sent to team contacts, along with final hotel information and confirmations, two weeks prior to the tournament start date. It is important to note that entry fee balances and all required documentation must be received prior to release of the schedule to your team. We will contact you if additional information is required. The schedules will generally be uploaded to Game on Mobile 2-3 weeks prior to the start date

We will place your team based on all the information available to us. We may ask for video’s, team records, player information, teams league play record, my hockey rankings for our placement. We have extensive experience in placing teams from throughout North America, Canada and Europe. We reserve the right to make the final decision on placement. We are very happy to discuss your team’s placement, based on all of the information we have.

Obviously, this can change based on ice schedules and holiday schedules. Tournaments held Friday through Sunday could begin as early as 7:00am on Friday and all championship games will be concluded by approximately 6:00 pm Sunday.

For Saturday through Monday tournaments, held over various holiday weekends, play will begin on Saturday at 7:00 am and all championship games will conclude by 6:00 pm Monday.

Generally, younger teams (mites, squirts, pee wees) begin play earlier each day and will complete their championship games earlier on Sunday or Monday. Bantam and Midget teams will begin later Friday or Saturday and will play the later championship games on Sunday or Monday.





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