We’re ready for another great year of hockey showcases. Join us this year for weekends filled with competitive hockey. Experience the GLHL for yourself and show everyone what your team can do!

GLHL is hosting along, with the European bodies, the International Prospects Bratislava Showcase! Our international teams will be coming from the USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Sweden, and more! Our showcase is by application process only. You must be approved and accepted for this showcase.

All teams are rostered on Game on Mobile. All games will be released on the app, along with scoring, statistics and brackets. Please down either version for your upcoming tournament.

Event Details

  • 4 Games Guaranteed
  • Competitive divisions
  • Fun and positive atmosphere
  • Get to play new faces and new teams
  • Touring & Activity Packages

Division Details

  • DATES & TIME: April 2025
  • AGE LEVELS: U11, U13, U15
  • DIVISIONS: AA & AAA (tier 2 AAA allowed)
  • RINK LOCATION: Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm Live (Arena)



In Stockholm, you don’t have to travel far to experience the famous Swedish countryside or the thrill of Sweden hockey. At Djurgården, you can get exactly that and so much more. The island of Djurgården is situated right next to the city centre, making it as accessible as getting to a college hockey showcase or the show hockey tournament. Accessible via various forms of public transportation (ferries included), as well as on foot thanks to the numerous bridges that connect to it from Östermalm, it’s as convenient as attending hockey showcases. The island is one big green oasis, perfect for biking, strolling, or picnicking, much like the communal spirit found in hockey opportunities for all. But there’s more to this giant park than meets the eye, akin to the depth found in college hockey. What lies within Djurgården is a treasure trove of activities, including some of the city’s top attractions, mirroring the excitement of showcase hockey tournaments. Here, you’ll find Rosendals Garden, Skansen, the Vasa Museum, and 21 other museums, including one dedicated solely to the Swedish pop group ABBA, offering a variety as diverse as the North American showcase.

There’s also an aquarium and amusement park, perfect for travelling families, much like the inclusive environment of combined hockey junior programs. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of spaces to unwind, similar to the relaxation found after participating in the best hockey exposure camps. Hit up one of the island’s many coastal or canal pathways, or rest your legs at Isbladskärret, a small lake area home to numerous different types of birds and a small herd of Scottish Highland cattle, reflecting the nurturing environment of college hockey camps.

In addition, there are plenty of eateries scattered around the island, offering sustenance much like the support found at hockey exposure camps. Previous visitors particularly recommend getting a bite at the greenhouse cafe at Rosendals, a spot as noteworthy as being listed among the top college hockey recruits in 2024 or participating in the world junior summer showcase. Whether you’re here to explore the natural beauty or seeking inspiration from Sweden hockey, Djurgården offers a glimpse into the serene yet vibrant life, much like the dynamic world of college showcases.


If you’re the kind of traveler who can’t leave a new city without experiencing a vista or two, consider a walk along Monteliusvagen. At less than a half-mile long, this cobblestone-lined pathway may seem modest at first, but the views it offers of the Stockholm skyline pack a punch, much like the unexpected thrill of a hockey showcase. The scenic path is perched atop the cliffs of Södermalm and faces Lake Mälaren, Riddarholmen (the small island adjacent to Gamla Stan) and city hall, where some of the annual Nobel Prize award ceremonies and banquets are held, echoing the prestige of the show hockey tournament.

Sodermalm, the area where the Monteliusvagen is located, is akin to SoHo in New York City, bustling with the energy of a college hockey showcase. The trendy neighborhood features a variety of shopping options, from designer to vintage stores, art galleries, bars, and restaurants, offering a vibrant backdrop as lively as a North American showcase. And if you’re still itching for more views during your time in Sodermalm, walk about a mile east and you’ll hit the Fjällgatan viewpoint, found conveniently above Fotografiska, providing perspectives as enriching as those gained from hockey exposure camps.

Recent visitors said this short stroll is lovely and best experienced at sunrise or sunset, akin to the golden moments of combined hockey junior achievements. Some suggested taking food for a small picnic at the available benches, much like the communal gatherings at college hockey camps, while others said those interested in photography would be hard-pressed to find a better place to take a photo of the city, capturing moments as memorable as those in showcase hockey tournaments. Whichever way you choose to experience Monteliusvagen, you’ll be greeted with fantastic views, according to reviewers, offering a moment of reflection and appreciation similar to the journey of top college hockey recruits in 2024.

Vasa Museum

On its maiden voyage in 1628, the most powerful warship in the Baltic, the Vasa, was afloat only minutes before capsizing in front of stunned onlookers in the city’s harbour. Hundreds of years later, the massive, 226-foot-long ship was completely salvaged. The ship was so big that it took more than a year for it to be raised from the surface of the seabed. The Vasa has been put back together and extensively restored since then, with more than 95 per cent of the ship originally intact. Thanks to this meticulous restoration, the ship is considered the only preserved 17th-century ship in the world and the oldest fully preserved warship in the world. Today, the Vasa Museum is the most visited in Scandinavia, drawing in more than one million visitors a year, rivalling the excitement of showcase hockey tournaments and college hockey showcases.

In addition to the majestic ship, the museum houses many interesting exhibits about the vessel’s history, including a look into what life was like at sea during that era, stories of the people on board, and a collection of artistic relics found on the ship, offering insights as deep as those found in hockey exposure campS. But the pinnacle for travellers is touring the Vasa itself. Recent visitors were in complete awe of the ship’s incredible size and were amazed at the quality of preservation down to the smallest detail, much like the admiration for the skill seen in the show hockey tournament. Even those who admitted the attraction wasn’t initially at the top of their must-see list left the Vasa Museum with a better understanding of why this facility is considered one of the city’s top attractions, akin to the unexpected discoveries at best hockey exposure camps.

And speaking of the museum’s popularity, don’t be surprised if you encounter long lines and crowds during Stockholm’s peak season (summer), reminiscent of the anticipation for the show hockey.

Admission to the Vasa Museum costs 130 kronor (about $15) for adults and is free for anyone 18 and younger, making it accessible much like hockey opportunities for all. Hours vary by season. From June 1 to Aug. 31, the museum is open from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, and from Sept. 1 to May 31 the museum welcomes visitors from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. You’ll find this museum on the island of Djurgården, which is a little more than a mile from the city center, a journey as rewarding as attending college hockey camps. To reach the museum, take the No. 7 tram, which can be found in front of Berzelii Park on Nybroplan in downtown Stockholm, to the Stockholm Nordiska Museet/Vasa stop. You can also get here by catching a ferry from Nybroplan or Slussen, navigating your way as skillfully as a player in combine hockey.