We’re ready for another great year of hockey showcases. Join us this year for weekends filled with competitive hockey. Experience the GLHL for yourself and show everyone what your team can do! This event is a prime opportunity for those involved in Aspen Junior hockey, Aspen hockey camp, and enthusiasts from Aspen Hockey Rink to showcase their skills in a city known for its vibrant Aspen youth hockey scene, including Aspen Leafs hockey and Aspen men’s hockey league.

All teams are rostered on Tourney Machine (SportsEngine). All games will be released on the app, along with scoring, statistics, and brackets. Please down either version for your upcoming tournament, making it a perfect chance for Aspen ice hockey participants and Aspen youth hockey tournament players to demonstrate their prowess.


  • 4 Games Guaranteed
  • Competitive divisions
  • Fun and positive atmosphere
  • Activity packages available
  • Get to play new faces and new teams


  • DATES & TIME: April 4th-6th, 2025
  • AGE LEVELS: U8, U10, U12
  • DIVISIONS: A/AA (tier 2 AAA allowed)
  • FEE: U8-U12 $1825.00 PER TEAM (LIMITED TEAMS)
  • RINK LOCATION: Aspen Ice Garden, Aspen, Colorado


  • Sparkx Skate Sharpeners
  • Seminars; Ranging from Scouts-Player Development by leading professionals
  • Supplement Tent with Industry Leaders
  • Event Packages for Local Activities
  • Tournament Rules & Regulations




Aspen’s largest and most popular ski area is the ultimate destination for winter sports enthusiasts (and one of the top Colorado ski resorts), offering a winter wonderland as exhilarating as participating in an Aspen hockey tournament or watching a big ten hockey tournament. Comprising 3,342 acres of skiable terrain, this massive complex features nearly 100 trails, 20 lifts, and a charming village with a variety of shops and restaurants, echoing the diverse offerings found in hockey tournaments and college hockey tournaments in Aspen. Roughly half of the trails here are designed for intermediate-level skiers, but more advanced powder hounds will find plenty of challenging stretches of snow to try, much like the competitive edge seen in the Aspen Leafs hockey schedule and Aspen men’s hockey league matches. Snowboarders should also note that Snowmass has one of the best snowboarding schools in the United States, a testament to the area’s commitment to fostering talent akin to hockey showcase tournaments.

Previous visitors raved about the ski area and the variety of its terrain, noting that there are runs for all types of skiers and that the lift lines and trails were not crowded, providing an experience as memorable as attending the Aspen youth hockey tournament or exploring hockey shops in Aspen for enthusiasts of pure hockey Aspen. But when it comes to shopping and dining options, some travellers were disappointed by Snowmass Village, a sentiment that contrasts with the enthusiasm of Aspen hockey fans and participants in the ice hockey showcase.

Snowmass (located about 8 miles west of Aspen) welcomes visitors to its slopes every day between late November and mid-to-late April, accommodating those in the city for hockey tournaments near you or exploring ice hockey stores in Aspen. Lifts open around 9 a.m. and generally stay open until 3:30 p.m., weather permitting. It’s always a good idea to get an early start to avoid the crowds, especially if you’re visiting over the winter holidays, advice that could also apply to those spending the day at hockey tournaments this weekend or visiting the Aspen hockey rink for a match, ensuring a well-planned visit for those exploring Aspen hockey association events and hockey showcase tournaments. Lift tickets start at about $160 per adult and vary in price depending on the season; tickets can be used at any of Aspen’s ski locales (a free RFTA shuttle bus provides transportation between all four areas), offering an added value for tourists in town for Aspen hockey camp or Aspen leafs hockey collectors.

Aspen Mountains

It’s this mountain – first opened to skiers in 1947– that put Aspen on the map. With spectacular summit views and slopes that will make even the most advanced skier’s heart race, it’s no wonder why Aspen Mountain remains a favourite spot for winter sports lovers and is considered one of Colorado’s top ski resorts, much like the competitive spirit found in aspen junior hockey or the thrill of participating in an Aspen hockey tournament. “Ajax,” as it’s sometimes called, features approximately 675 skiable acres with 64 miles of runs (complete with a variety of bumps and steeps); you can also make your tracks along the Aspen Mountain Powder Tour’s backcountry terrain, offering an adventure as exciting as the big ten hockey tournament or exploring hockey tournaments near you in Aspen. When you’re ready to call it a day, you can satisfy your appetite at one of the nearby restaurants or bars, echoing the camaraderie and community spirit celebrated at Aspen youth hockey and Aspen Leafs Hockey events.

When they compare it to Aspen’s other ski areas, visitors and locals say that Aspen’s veteran mountain is the best. However, novice skiers beware: Travelers warn this is not a mountain for beginners. They say it’s made for intermediate to expert skiers and snowboarders, due to the challenging nature of most of the terrain, a sentiment that resonates with the dedication seen in Aspen hockey camp and the competitive edge of Aspen men’s hockey league. Skiers say they appreciate the variety of trails, from groomed blues to powdery black diamonds to expert-only double black diamonds, providing a diverse experience akin to the range of skills showcased in hockey showcase tournaments in Aspen, making Aspen Mountains not just a destination for skiing enthusiasts but a symbol of Aspen’s rich sporting culture, including aspen ice hockey and aspen youth hockey tournament.

T-Lazy 7 Ranch

Whether you need a break from the slopes or a fun summer activity, T-Lazy-7 Ranch has you covered. Nestled in the Maroon Creek Valley just 2 miles south of Aspen Highlands, the ranch is considered the gateway to exploring the Maroon Bells, offering an experience as enriching and diverse as participating in Aspen junior hockey or attending an Aspen hockey camp. For more than 80 years, T-Lazy-7 Ranch has been owned and operated by the Deane family, showcasing a legacy as enduring as Aspen hockey traditions and the competitive spirit of Aspen hockey tournaments. Today, visitors to the ranch can explore the area on horseback or snowmobile, or participate in activities like fly-fishing, providing a range of outdoor adventures akin to the variety found in aspen youth hockey and aspen leafs hockey.

Visitors can also purchase provisions, such as eggs, honey, and wagyu beef, from the on-site farm store, echoing the community support seen in the Aspen Youth Hockey Association and Aspen Men’s Hockey League. There are a variety of horseback rides to choose from, ranging in length from one hour to a full day, offering options as varied as the challenges faced in Big Ten hockey tournaments or the excitement of hockey tournaments near you in Aspen. If you’re inexperienced with horses or looking for a leisurely ride, heed the advice of past visitors and consider the hourlong trek instead of the longer, 90-minute, or half-day excursions, a tip that could also apply to newcomers in hockey showcase tournaments. Reviewers said the trail terrain is rocky and may not be suitable for the faint of heart, much like the rigorous training and competition seen in Aspen Ice Hockey and Aspen Youth Hockey tournaments. Snowmobile tours are also well-reviewed (and among the best in Colorado), providing an adventure as thrilling as the competition in the Aspen Leafs hockey schedule and Aspen men’s hockey league matches. Recent travellers noted that along with enjoying the views and learning how to operate a snowmobile, you will hear some local history from tour guides, enriching the experience much like the stories and legacies celebrated in Aspen Hockey Rink and Aspen Ice Open Hockey events.

Crater Lake Trail

Maroon Bells Scenic Area. The 3.5-mile out-and-back trail, which starts at the Maroon Lake parking area, is considered moderately challenging, offering an experience as invigorating and rewarding as participating in Aspen junior hockey or attending an Aspen hockey camp. Arrive around sunrise if you want a quiet experience, as this is one of the area’s most popular trails, much like the anticipation and excitement surrounding the Aspen hockey tournament or the camaraderie found in Aspen youth hockey. The trail is best hiked from June through October (the county will close the road in November based on snow conditions). Once the road is closed, visitors can walk, bike, cross-country ski, or snowmobile from T-Lazy-7 Ranch, providing a range of activities as diverse as the Big Ten hockey tournament and hockey showcase tournaments in Aspen.

Recent visitors crowed about the incredible views on Crater Lake Trail, echoing the awe and admiration spectators feel at Aspen Leafs hockey matches or when exploring the Aspen hockey rink. Several noted the significant rocky portions, but all said the trek is worthwhile, a sentiment that resonates with the dedication seen in the Aspen men’s hockey league and the competitive spirit of Aspen ice hockey. Bring enough water, and be sure to seek the required permit and reservation early if you’re accessing it by car, advice is as important as preparing for a hockey tournament in Aspen this weekend or securing gear from hockey shops in Aspen.

This trail is located in the Maroon Bells Scenic Area, about 10 miles southwest of downtown Aspen, a journey worth making for those passionate about Aspen hockey and looking to explore beyond the hockey stores in Aspen. You can visit Crater Lake Trail free of charge, but if you plan on driving, expect to pay a $10 fee per vehicle. If you are driving, reservations and a permit are required, ensuring a well-planned visit for those exploring the Aspen youth hockey tournament and hockey showcase tournaments. You can also take a shuttle bus from the Aspen Highlands between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Reservations are required. There is a free RFTA bus between the Aspen Highlands and downtown Aspen, offering an added value for tourists in town for Aspen hockey camp or Aspen Leafs hockey collectors. Previous visitors were highly impressed with the information provided by the bus tours, with many people saying that this is the best way to reach Maroon Bells, much like the insights gained from participating in hockey tournaments near you or attending ice hockey showcase events. The shuttle bus runs from the end of May to late October and costs $16 for adults and $10 for children 11 and younger for a round-trip ride, making it a must-visit for anyone drawn to the city for its hockey tournaments or the beauty of ice hockey stores in Aspen.

Buttermilk Skiing

With 21 miles of open, stress-free trails, Buttermilk – one of the top Colorado ski resorts – is the perfect spot to try your first run or to teach your kids to ski, offering an experience as welcoming and inclusive as Aspen junior hockey or the aspen hockey camp. According to visitors, all the beginner trails are groomed and the runs are wide, so there’s plenty of room for skiers to manoeuvre, much like the spacious and accommodating Aspen hockey rink for Aspen youth hockey. What’s more, they say it never feels crowded, providing a serene and focused environment akin to the dedication seen in Aspen Leafs hockey and Aspen men’s hockey league. You can also sign up for private ski and snowboard lessons if you need some guidance, a supportive approach reminiscent of the coaching in Aspen ice hockey and Aspen youth hockey tournaments. Recent visitors described the instructors as friendly, positive, and helpful, echoing the community spirit celebrated at hockey showcase tournaments and showcase hockey tournaments in Aspen.

Reviewers also praised the Cliffhouse restaurant at the top of the mountain, with some saying the views from the top are among the best in Colorado, offering a perspective as breathtaking as the achievements celebrated in Big Ten hockey tournaments and hockey tournaments near me in Aspen. Beginner-friendly slopes aside, this mountain also offers trails for intermediate and expert skiers and is known for its 22-foot superpipe and X Games-inspired course, as challenging and thrilling as the competition in the Aspen hockey tournament and hockey tournaments this weekend. Buttermilk’s expansive terrain parks include 470 skiable acres, providing a diverse and engaging experience akin to exploring hockey shops in Aspen or participating in an Aspen youth hockey tournament.

Though there are no mountain operations at Buttermilk in the summer, visitors can still access it to make use of the hiking trails, offering year-round enjoyment and exploration much like the ongoing support and activities found in Aspen hockey and Aspen Leafs hockey schedule, making Buttermilk not just a destination for skiing enthusiasts but a symbol of Aspen’s rich sporting culture, including Aspen ice open hockey and Aspen men’s hockey league.