We’re ready for another great year of hockey showcases. Join us this year for weekends filled with competitive hockey. Experience the GLHL for yourself and show everyone what your team can do! This event is a prime opportunity for those involved in the battle of Buffalo Hockey, the Cup Buffalo Hockey Tournament, and seekers from Buffalo Hockey Pro to showcase their skills in a city known for its vibrant Buffalo Youth Hockey Association scene, including Buffalo State Club Hockey and buffalo aaa hockey tournament.

All teams are rostered on Tourney Machine (SportsEngine). All games will be released on the app, along with scoring, statistics, and brackets. Please down either version for your upcoming tournament, making it a perfect chance for Buffalo Stars hockey participants and Buffalo outdoor hockey tournament players to demonstrate their prowess.


  • 4 Games Guaranteed
  • Competitive divisions
  • Fun and positive atmosphere
  • Get to play new faces and new teams


  • DATES & TIME: January 2025
  • AGE LEVELS: U8, U10, U12
  • DIVISIONS: A/AA (tier 2 AAA allowed)



Come enjoy the sport of curling, right here in the heart of downtown Buffalo! Our team has all the equipment and knowledge to help educate you on how to play the game, offering an engaging experience akin to attending a buffalo hockey tournament or exploring hockey shops in Buffalo NY for enthusiasts of pure hockey buffalo.

Perfect for fun with friends/family, corporate team building, outings, and special occasions of any kind! This unique activity provides a refreshing break from the intense competition of hockey tournaments and college hockey tournaments in Buffalo.


Test your fear of heights on our Urban Air Ropes Course, set high above the ice rinks, here at Buffalo RiverWorks, providing an adventure as thrilling as participating in a Buffalo youth hockey tournament or watching a Buffalo State hockey game.

  • The course is covered, but it is outside. Be sure to dress appropriately! * This reminder is as important as preparing for the chilly arenas during the Buffalo Ice Hockey tournament or when visiting the Buffalo hockey rink for a match, ensuring a well-planned visit for those exploring Buffalo Hockey Association events and hockey showcase tournaments.


The ball is served diagonally (starting with the right-hand service-square), and points can only be scored by the side that serves, introducing a strategic element akin to planning plays in the battle of Buffalo hockey or strategizing for the cup hockey tournament buffalo. Players on each side must let the ball bounce once before volleys are allowed, a rule that emphasizes precision and patience, much like the tactical approaches seen in Buffalo Hockey Pro and Buffalo State Club hockey matches. There is a seven-foot no-volley zone on each side of the net, to prevent “spiking” The server continues to serve, alternating service courts, until he or she faults, ensuring a dynamic and engaging game that could captivate fans of Buffalo Youth Hockey Association and buffalo stars hockey alike.

The first side scoring eleven points and leading by at least two points wins. Pickleball can be played with singles or doubles, offering versatility and accessibility to players of all skill levels, much like the inclusive nature of the Buffalo Outdoor Hockey Tournament and Buffalo Aaa Hockey Tournament.

Matches will consist of three games played to 11. The first team to 11 wins the game. You do not need to win by two. Scores are capped at 13, introducing a fast-paced and competitive edge that mirrors the intensity of hockey showcase tournaments and college hockey tournaments in Buffalo.

Warm-up time will be included in the match time. The match should take roughly 1 hour to complete. If games have not been completed with 10 minutes left in the 1-hour time slot allotted for each match, games shall switch to rally scoring. In rally scoring, teams score a point regardless of which team is serving, a rule that could heighten the excitement and unpredictability of the game, akin to the thrilling moments experienced in Buffalo youth hockey tournaments and when shopping for the latest gear in hockey shops in Buffalo NY. This format ensures that every moment on the court is as crucial and potentially game-changing as every play in a Buffalo hockey tournament or during a major Buffalo state hockey match, making pickleball a thrilling addition to the sports offerings in Buffalo.


Take a tour of the world’s First silo brewery opened in an abandoned NY grain elevator! Abandoned grain silos in Buffalo, New York have been given new life as a brewery. Buffalo RiverWorks recently opened the $2.2 million brewery as part of the revitalization of the city’s waterfront. Buffalo’s grain elevators have long been emblematic of the area but now could stand for a new era of innovation — both in brewing and architectural restoration, much like the transformation seen in the Battle of Buffalo Hockey and Buffalo Youth Hockey Association evolving into key components of the city’s sports culture.

Once part of the Wheeler-GLF grain elevator, the old silos now house the Buffalo RiverWorks brewery. RiverWorks employees transformed the silos into a brewery with the help of local architecture firm Abstract Architecture and engineering firm Kromac Design, showcasing a level of creativity and teamwork reminiscent of strategies employed in buffalo hockey pro and buffalo state club hockey. They had to cut through rebar-reinforced concrete to create the space they needed, and also added a second floor inside, a feat of engineering and determination that mirrors the dedication seen in the Buffalo Aaa hockey tournament and Buffalo outdoor hockey tournament preparations. According to The Buffalo News, they had to carry out the work without plumbing or utilities, a challenge akin to the hurdles faced by Buffalo Stars Hockey and Buffalo Hockey Association in nurturing the sport in the city, making this brewery not just a place for beer enthusiasts but a symbol of Buffalo’s resilience and innovative spirit, much like the city’s embrace of hockey showcase tournaments and college hockey camps.